Saturday, January 15, 2022

Betty White Freebie Digi

Hello crafty friends! It’s not often that you will find me here, on my sadly neglected blog, but I wanted to share a digital stamp that drew. Last night I was inspired to put together an easy to color image of the late great Betty White. January 17th will be her 100th birthday and it is a shame that she couldn’t hold on a few more days. But her bright smile and quick wit will remain with us for all time. 

I created this image in a size that will work well with much of your existing physical stamp collection. You can see here that I used several images from several LawnFawn sets to accentuate my mini slimline card, as well as a couple LawnFawn die sets.  

I am especially moved by Betty White’s love of animals and her contributions to many animal societies over the years. In her honor, I will be donating to The Pug Queen, who sacrifices her time and energy into rescuing and saving Pugs worldwide. Please consider contributing to an animal conservation of your choice if you are able to. 

This Betty White “Stay Golden” digital stamp is free for anyone who would like to make a friendship card, or project. All I ask is that if you post it to please tag me so that I can see your project and 💕 it. This set is sized at 3x4, which means that when you print it up, print it at that size for best results. I’ve never offered a freebie before, and I’m not fully familiar with all of the ways to offer it with maximum results. I will give some simple instructions for those unfamiliar with digital stamps,

1. Save this jpeg image 

2. Import image to a word/pages type document. 

3. Size at 3x4

4. Print, color, and cut out ☺️

Thank you so much for stopping by,

Davina @popsiclesticks 

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  1. Thank you so much for the freebie. You're so Kind, sweet and talented. Loves